Food Safety and Standards Authority of India lays down science-based standards forarticles of food and regulates their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import,to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption and for matters connected there with or incidental there to. For this, FSSAI notifies individual regulations and amendments to regulations in the Gazette of India. Currently, the standards for various food products/food categories are prescribed under different vertical and horizontal regulations in Food Safety and Standards Regulations. Food-O-Copoeia is an attempt by FSSAI to bring all standards as per FSSRs for each food category at one place as a monograph. These monographs are individually prepared bythe NetSCoFAN lead group of Institutions.

Food- ‘O’-copoeia is a collection of food category-wise monographs which is a single point reference for all applicable standards for a specific product category specifying quality & food safety standards, labelling and claim requirements, specific packaging requirements, test methods and any other regulatory provisions as per FSSRs that needto be adhered to.

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Food-O Copoeia is for the purpose of providing ready reference to food business operators and consumers; and can’t be considered a legal document. In case of any errors/concerns regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information in Food-O-Copoeia, the original FSS regulations/notifications/amendments in the Gazette of India and advisories/ orders/directions/manuals of FSSAI would prevail for the same. The information provided on this website is for general informational and reference purposes only.
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